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Get your 1st container delivered to your door

— and save BIG!!! on your money & time

  • 1. What are the advantages of Winda’s drop ship program?
    Save you money – save you about 25% on average by importing directly from China. Convenient – just make your order and the container will be delivered to your store. We will help you take care of the importing paper works and logistics. Large and flexible selection – You can start with only one container and can order as low as 10 cases per item. Great quality – Winda was the exclusive fireworks supplier for the main stadium (the Birds Nest) for the Beijing Olympic Games’ opening and closing ceremony. We also had the honor to supply and execute the display for the “Guangzhou Asian Game in 2010”, the “Army 90thAnniversary Celebration in 2017”. Winda’s motto is “The Most Reliable from China” Free promotional materials – Our container will also include free promotional materials for your store decorations, such as outdoor banners, posters and DVDs. Sometimes, we might not have the exact items and quantities you order. We will communicate with you before shipping to get your preference on the filler items. You will always know what is in the container before it is shipped.
  • 2. Do I need a license to import?
    Except for a few states, you do NOT need a license to import class C. Please contact us if you have questions.
  • 3. I have never imported before. Can I do it?
    Sure. Winda, along with our partners in shipping and custom clearing, will help you get through the paperwork and logistics. Just make your order, we’ll help you do the rest and have the container delivered to your door.
  • 4. What are the steps to get my fireworks container?
    Use our price list to work out your order. We can help you check the order to make sure the container is fully filled. Confirm your order by October 15 with a $4,500/ per container down payment and tell us your preferred delivery date. Container will be shipped around March/April. You will pay the remaining amount while the container is entering the US. Receive your container at your store and enjoy the big savings.
  • 5. Is there a minimum order requirement?
    One container would be good enough. If you want to order less than one container, please give us a call and we will try to work out the logistics for you.
  • 6. How many fireworks can be in one container and what are the costs?
    On average, a standard 40 feet container can hold approximately 900 – 1000 cases of fireworks. The average costs are: Fireworks (FOB China) $35,000 Shipping $10,000 Import tax and agent fee $2,300 Total costs $47,300 per container (est. for 2019 July)
  • 7. How to estimate the cost of an item?
    The listed price is FOB China. Your final cost will be the list price plus the shipping and import tax. For a rough estimate, the shipping cost will be about 35% of the FOB China price. The close estimate on the cost of shipping and import tax is to multiple the products volume (in CBM unit, see column D in the price list spreadsheet) by $200. For example, item P5476 IMPRESSIONIST volume is 0.111 CBM. The shipping and tax cost for this item will be $22 per case ($200 x 0.111 =$22).
  • 8. How to use the price list to make my order?
    We recommend that you use the Excel version of our pricelist. The spreadsheet will save you a lot of time by automatically calculating the price and volume, which indicates if your container is fully filled. You can request the Excel version of the price list by sending us an email. If you prefer to use a hard copy of the price list, please fill out the spreadsheet and fax it over to us. We can help you do the calculation and ensure you’ve ordered the right amount to fill a container.
  • 9. How do I know I’ve ordered enough products to fill up a container?
    The pricelist we provided to you contains volume information for each product. On average, a 40 ft container can hold around 59 cubic meters of fireworks (Note: if you need a few more products, you can order a 40 ft “high cube” container which can hold 65.7 cubic meters. We’ll need to check on the availability first since this type of container may not be available for all locations).
  • 10. Can I combine both Winda and Bright Star products in the same container?
    Yes. You can combine both our Bright Star and Winda brands in the same container.
  • 11. When do I pay?
    Pay $4,500 per container down payment when confirming the order. You’ll pay in full when your container is entering the US, usually between March and June for the July 4 season.
  • 12. Can I order for the New Year’s and Christmas seasons?
    Yes, please contact us for details.


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